How to meet people for nsa sex

Nsa sex, or no strings attached sex, is fast becoming a popular trend amongst online daters, but where to go? Traditional dating sites perhaps don’t cater for this need, filtering out those who are looking for deeper relationships, from those who just want the simple things in sex life.

So you need sites like, and If you are looking for adult chat and fun, more of a cyber relationship, then try out, or, all these sites are discreet, secure and have facilities for video, text and online live chat – see you there!

What does “NSA” mean? Definition here

I came across the term “NSA” a few weeks ago, whilst researching key words for my dating sites. I wasn’t sure initially, then the penny dropped – “no strings attached“. It seems that a whole new dialogue, alien to me but an area I need to explore more, has developed, there must be more terms out there, I need help in understanding them, so please feel free to post!

I know about “MILF“, but what is “GILF”? I assume this is referring to older ladies that particular gentlemen have a penchant for? Anybody out there who knows, please enlighten us!

There are a number of adult sites now which cater for this particular trait:, and are but a few examples, maybe I’ll get on the bandwagon…see you there!