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South African Dating Sites for SA Single Men and Women Looking for Chat, Dates, Love or just “NSA”.

Do you know what the term “NSA” means in the context of South African Dating?

I came across the term “NSA” whilst looking for a date.

I wasn’t sure initially, then the penny dropped – “no strings attached“. It seems that a whole new dialogue, alien to me but an area I need to explore more, has developed, there must be more terms out there, I need help in understanding them, so please feel free to post!

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Adele Find Someone Like You Online Dating – Inspired by Adele’s Song

Find Someone Like You

This great dating site Find Someone Like You has had a makeover, check it out now!

This post is inspired by one of the greatest love songs ever written, in the humble opinion of Dateblogger, listen for yourself below. The song is

Find Someone Like You” by Adele

Find out more about Adele at her website. She has two albums on release, 19 and 21, from which “Find Someone Like You” is taken. The lyrics for “Find Someone Like You” are very evocative of an unrequited love, a love which is unreciprocated. We have all been there, when we have deeper feelings for a partner who doesn’t feel the same way. It hurts like hell, and Adele captures these feelings superbly – 54 million You Tube hits on “Find Someone Like You” can’t be wrong:

I have found a dating site named after the song

 Find Someone Like You 

find someone like you

which has great search features to give you a better chance of finding someone to share your love, in a reciprocal relationship. You can join Find Someone Like You for free, upload your profile and use advanced matching techniques to find the one for you.

Find Someone Like You Dating is Totally

Find Someone Like You Free Dating Registration

Find Someone Like You Free Dating Registration

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How to Attract and Seduce Women

Date – How to Attract and Seduce Women


As an individual raised with little opportunity to develop social skills, I had a particularly difficult time with the dating scene. I am happily married now, but during my years of dating, I felt that it would never happen. With many years using online dating services, I have learned many useful ways of establishing positive initial interaction on a date. In this article I will share with you ideas that will give you a little more ease with dating and coping with the anxiety on the first date.

First, there are a few questions we must address and bring out into the open. How much should we get to know the potential date before meeting? What discussion or prefacing is required with your potential date prior to the meeting? How does this potential date feel about you, or does this person also share this anxiety? After the rendezvous is established where will you meet to ensure safety, enjoyment and relaxation on your date?

Lets dive into the first question: How much should we get to know the potential date before meeting?

This question begs the actual legitimacy of the potential date. Is this person really genuine? What is this person’s background? These questions are not as easy to answer, but we can start with the following. The method of communication is incredibly important. Phone communication although a little nerve racking, can break the ice and establish an initial understanding of who this person is. Try to avoid creating a mental image of this person as this can really increase expectations and also give the other person an unfair disadvantage (i.e. relating the voice to a physical mental image). The phone conversation can also shed light on this person’s general character.

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