What does “NSA” mean? Definition here

I came across the term “NSA” a few weeks ago, whilst researching key words for my dating sites. I wasn’t sure initially, then the penny dropped – “no strings attached“. It seems that a whole new dialogue, alien to me but an area I need to explore more, has developed, there must be more terms out there, I need help in understanding them, so please feel free to post!

I know about “MILF“, but what is “GILF”? I assume this is referring to older ladies that particular gentlemen have a penchant for? Anybody out there who knows, please enlighten us!

There are a number of adult sites now which cater for this particular trait: www.meetfornostringssex.com, www.adultnsafun.com and www.findlocalnsasex.com are but a few examples, maybe I’ll get on the bandwagon…see you there!