Nude Dating – where do you start?

Want to date a nudist and meet people who enjoy and celebrate naturism?

OK let’s think about this.  Nude Dating.  It’s either a question that will be received as wholly acceptable or wholly unacceptable and the challenge is – how do you know how your question will be received?  Its not something you can rock up and ask in the supermarket “excuse me where are the bananas and would you like to date a nudist?” .  Unless of course it is a naturist’s supermarket!

Naturism and Nude Dating is about feeling good in one’s own skin.

Feeling great in ones own skin is liberating if slightly frightening at first but if you are curious or already into naturism it is essential to find someone else who is also into nude dating.  I will be honest, so far I have not been brave enough to date a nudist  but it is something I have been curious about.  However when challenged to write about it I felt I needed to experience this first hand – that’s my excuse anyway!   I went to a hotel where there was an event on to celebrate naturism and I found everyone to be so friendly and supportive.  I was honest and told them I was researching nude dating to write an article on dating a nudist and the support that I received was almost overwhelming.  My new found friends were so pleased that I was writing a piece to promote naturism and introduce new people – there is one thing I can absolutely assure you of – and that is a very warm welcome at any naturist or nude dating event.

Nudity or Naturism?  Lets not get confused!

Nudity has an element of naughtyness – Naturism an element of earthy calm.  If you are starting out on this exciting journey you must first think what appeals to you about the nude form.  Be honest with yourself – this will ensure you meet the right group of people for you!   This is the first thing my new friends at the Naturist day impressed upon me.  That and the pattern in the chair I sat on which made quite an impression on my bottom!  Either way naturism and nudism can be enjoyed at many levels – you only have to see the fun below even if they didn’t particularly do nudism or naturism before the fun of breaking a world record can only have led many of the participants to date a nudist.

Where is best to meet someone who enjoys Nude Dating?

Most dating websites are very generic – casting a wide bland net to hope to gather as many people as possible in – nobody wants to trawl hundreds of unsuitables to get to the specialism of interest – when you are looking for something specific start with a niche specialist website that ensures that the people you are meeting are interested in the same things that you are.  Let someone else do the hard work of filtering so you can concentrate on choosing from a refined shortlist. is the perfect specialist website for this

nude dating


What to wear when you date a nudist?

This might seem counter intuitive – but you have to get to and from your the place where you will be nude dating.  I have given this some considerable thought and it was a point of discussion during my day.  Comfortable easy to slip off clothing that still looks great when you arrive when you date a nudist is the way forward.  it is not sensible to put on the jeans that are so tight you have to peal them off inside out or the thigh length boots that you have to sit on the floor to get on.  Naturism is about looking good naked.   Equally do not make the mistake of turning up for Nude Dating in your pyjamas !   Making an effort still matters and it is somewhat presumptuous to be too casual.  Remember you need to look good naked and in doing so you must try not to wear clothes that leave a mark or a dent in your skin (tight bras and seams on jeans spring to mind) remember my comment earlier when I was at the naturism day about having the marks from a chair left behind on my bottom! I did wonder why so many people stood up so much at the event but I think I now understand!

I hope you found this article on nude dating useful – and if you are fancying trying to be a nudist that you are bold enough to click through to date a nudist.  The only thing stopping you is yourself!

Happy dating!



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