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Mature Free Single – do you realise how lucky you are?

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Having reached the age where I consider myself to be mature free single, or MFS, as I would like to call it, maybe even start a whole new buzz word, a club for MFSers, just like me, I can’t think of a better position to be in than mature free single when it comes to looking for a new relationship.

I look back at my earlier days of courting and dating and trying to find a girlfriend, which mostly ended up in frustrating disappointment. The most success I had tended to be when I wasn’t really trying to find someone, and hey presto, I would meet someone out of the blue. There were also the (few and far between ) moments when I would see someone and we just clicked, as fate meant it to be.

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Mature Free Single had only two elements in my make up.

Then as my relationship became more stable and ended in marriage, I learned a few things that I am sure will resonate with many who read this. My dad used to say to me “You don’t know yourself until you are at least thirty.” I reflect back now and he was spot on, so getting married at twenty two was risky, and so it proved. I didn’t really know myself, I didn’t see the issues that were building as my relationship began to break down, as we grew apart. Not through anyone’s fault, particularly. I just started to revert back to myself again, and look for more that I needed for me.

In the early flush of youthful love, it’s only natural to want to please your new partner, by wanting to be together all the time, and maybe losing contact with your friends and hobbies or pastimes. Then after a few years, you revert to your old self, you want to change things and go back to seeing your old friends or taking up favourite hobbies again – that’s when the rot sets in. Your partner doesn’t like the new you as much, as you look to claim some time back for yourself , and pressure in the relationship starts to build.

The great benefit of being mature free single is that you know yourself, and you more confident not to make compromises that you know you will regret.

So, if you want to watch your favourite sports team, or go out every Friday night with your friends, you set the ground rules early in a relationship – it’s what being mature free single is all about. It will make for a better, more honest, more stable relationship, in my humble opinion. The old adage is true – “If I only knew then what I know now”. It’s what being Mature Free Single is all about – you know it, so stick to what you know, be true to yourself. I think relationships become easier to manage when you are Mature Free Single – there’s less hassle, less pressure, and if your partner doesn’t like it, then the earlier it gets flushed out the better.

Assume control, exude confidence and stick to what you want for you, being reasonable and not too selfish about it. Confidence to achieve a healthy balance without compromise is the art of a Mature Free Single person.

Come to think of it, I am in a new club for MFSers at, which I have found is a great forum to meet new partners near where I live, all mature free single themselves

So how about a definition of someone who is mature free single? Single is easy – not in a serious relationship, or not in one at all. Maybe someone who has friends who are not looking for a steady relationship, just friendship, company, dates and maybe the occasional stayover. Free – someone who is control of their own agenda, their own schedule. It’s not driven by the need to work around someone else’s work schedule, kids’ taxi services or adolescent kids’ issues. Then onto mature – well someone who has been there, done it, got the t-shirt. Someone who has maybe been scarred a few times from relationship mistakes, and knows how not to make them again. This is  my take on Mature Free Single. Any thoughts?

Comments are very welcome, as I think a Mature Free Single attitude and perspective is a great state of mind to have, and a great viewpoint on life to take.

Mature Free Single is a great place to be, sometimes the route to becoming mature free single is painful and if you have had any experiences like me on the way, there are some dark moments on the path to becoming mature free single. I sometimes wondered whether I would ever come out the other side, but I did and I am in a better place now that I am Mature Free Single.


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