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Dating tips and advice – Is there any single person out there who does not need good dating advice?

I don’t think so; if they did not need good dating tips, they would not still be single.
So if you have been searching for the love of your life for a long time now, and you always seem to fall flat on your face when it comes to dating, you should remember to heed this dating advice.
The three most important tips to successful dating are:

Number 1: Relax.

I know it easier said than done sometimes, but really, you simply must try to relax.
When you get all uptight, it shows.
You will probably drop your fork, trip over your shoelace, stutter or ramble on and on about nothing, or say something really stupid like, “You are not as fat as my friend said you were.”
Oooops! Tension is bad. Relaxation is good.

Number 2: Live in the moment.

I know that many folks out there in the dating world would like nothing better than to find their future husband, or wife, on a date and get to say goodbye to the dating scene forever.
But immediately looking for the spouse-potential in every date means you are not focused on the here-and-now; all you are concentrating on is the future
When you do that, you lose the joy of the present, and really, getting to know other people and enjoying time with them should be just as important as finding your true love.
You will be more interesting to the other person and you will have more fun if you learn to focus on the moment.

Number 3: Be Yourself

I know you have spent your whole life being yourself, and so far it has not gotten you the person you want.
Some of you probably put yourself on your best behavior mode or pretend to have interests that you really don’t have just because the other person has those interests.
Trust me, this is never a good idea.
If the date becomes a relationship, she is bound to find out that you never really read the World Atlas.
And she is bound to find out that you don’t really love to crochet balaclavas in your spare time. So, whether you are finding your dates by visiting the singles’ bars, waiting for friends to introduce you,
or joining one of the awesome new online dating sites, it is so important that you remember the above dating advice.
These three most important tips will take you far and improve your dating life tremendously.



While everyone has different ideas about what they want on a date as well as in a relationship, there are a few signs that can show you whether or not a particular man is a “keeper.” They’re not very hard to spot either.

To begin with, pay close attention to the man’s choice of dating venue. The place should be public, conservative, and casual. However, if this man seemed to have put no thought whatsoever into the location of your very first date together, either he’s not very imaginative or you just don’t matter that much to him.

Completing the date will probably clue you in on which it is and then you can make your decision from there. Confidence is something that everyone needs but a man who can make decisions and not second guess himself constantly is certainly preferable to a man who leaves everything up to you. At least that’s true in most cases unless you like to be the one always running the show.

If you don’t mind a man who has little to no confidence, at least you won’t be going into this blind. Pay attention to those little things. Does he walk ahead of you a few feet almost like he’s not with you when you’re in public? When you go out to eat, does he just order for you without asking what you want first? Does he leer at you when having a conversation? None of these things point to a promising relationship unless you enjoy being controlled and ogled all the time. Everyone knows how important communication is in a relationship.

However, if his idea of communicating is talking only about himself and never listening to anything you have to say, you may want to move on. He MIGHT be trying to impress you but chances are he really is just more interested in himself than he is in you.

Courtesy is something else that’s important when dating. If you’re dating a guy who pulls out your chair for you, opens doors for you, and more, that’s wonderful. However, how does he treat others in front of you? Does he yell abusively at the waiters? Is he constantly saying awful things about his ex? Does he say ugly things about his friends as soon as they’re out of hearing range? Is he nasty about YOUR friends when they’re not around? All of these things will let you know just what you may expect from him eventually.

Men who need to show off their manliness by mistreating others aren’t really men at all. When you look at all of these things either separately or collectively, you will know just what sort of man you seem to have landed. Only you can decide whether he’s worth it to you or not, and if your first date will go to a second one and beyond.



Did you finally ask that girl you have been eyeing out on a date?

If so, are you ready for the big night? Whether you are nervous or excited, please continue reading on for a few first date helpful planning tips. These dating tips, when followed, will help to ensure both you and your date have a good time. Good first date equals you must do something that is fun.

Does she hate crowded locations and loud music? If so, she may not like a bar or a concert. So, opt for something else. If you just met her, you may be unaware of her likes and dislikes. If that is the case, ask. Or, offer a suggestion, but give her the option of changing it.

Offer to pick her up for your first date. The only exception to this would be if you met a woman online. She may feel uncomfortable providing you with her home address, so don’t pressure her. Meet her at the movie theater, bar, or restaurant.

But, if you already know where your date lives, always offer to pick her up. Arrive on time. When it comes to first dates, being late is unacceptable. It should not happen. If you want to wow and impress a girl, be on time. A late arriver implies that the date may not be important.

A woman doesn’t want to feel like she is second best. Start getting dressed and leave early to avoid being late. Be presentable. Whether you are meeting this woman for the first time or if you already know her, she will give you the look over. She is doing this to see how presentable you are.

You do not want to overdress, but never underdress. Always show up for a date with a nice hairstyle and clean clothes. Ask questions, but not too many.

First dates are designed to get to know the other person. To do so, you need to ask questions. Good conversation topics include work, family, and pets. When asking questions, don’t get too personal. With a high rate of divorce in the country, you may want to ask your date about her siblings, but not her parents.

Also, don’t sound like you are interviewing her. Incorporate questions naturally into the conversation, not one right after another. Don’t press your views on her. It is common for conversation awkwardness on a first date. This is when neither of you know what to say.

If you reach this point, you may turn to news stories. What is happening in the world will lead to conversation, but it can take a bad turn. Does your date not agree with you on politics, crime, and so forth? If so, that is fine, but don’t press your views on her or turn your first date into a debate. This is one of the fastest ways to ruin a good first date. Always listen to your date.

Since first dates are awkward and you are likely nervous, your mind may slip away. This is okay, but be on your toes. Always listen to what your date has to say. Don’t ask the same questions again. If you don’t listen to your woman on the first date, she will assume the entire relationship will be like that.

Remember, your goal is to score a second date, not leave her unimpressed. Don’t be afraid of a change of scenery. Is the movie boring or the restaurant too full? Don’t assume you have to stay. Ask your date if she would like to leave and go elsewhere. Let her suggest the new destination.

If you like the woman, but aren’t having a good time, change the scenery. Most importantly Ask her to do it again! Whether the date was fun or not, if you like the woman, ask her out again. This is the perfect way to end a good first date.

Online dating safety advice source: 

1. Plan it. Say it. Do it – It is your date. Agree on what you both want from it before you meet up. Do not feel pressured to meet before you are ready or for any longer than you are comfortable with – a short first date is fine.
2. Meet in public – Stay in public. The safest plan is to meet somewhere public and stay somewhere public. Make your own way there and back and do not feel pressured to go home with your date. If you feel ready to move to a private environment, make sure your expectations match your date’s.
3. Get to know the person, not the profile – The way people interact online is not always the same face-to-face. Do not be offended if your date is more guarded when meeting in person or if things do not progress as fast face-to-face.
4. Not going well? Make your excuses and leave – Do not feel bad about cutting a date short if you are not keen. You do not owe the other person anything, no matter how long you have been chatting or what has been suggested.
5. If you are raped or sexually assaulted on your date, help is available – Contact Rape Crisis or The Survivors Trust for more information and advice.
Source: Get Safe Online

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