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So, you want threesomes with couples – where do you start? Try checking out some videos on having threesomes, here are some good ones that I have found useful:

Here’s a video guide to having a threesome from VideoJug:

Here’s a pedestrian survey from Jimmy Kimmel Live, very funny:

Here’s a social experiment – a guy and a girl asking:

Another social experiment – two girls asking for a threesome; check the guy out who says he’s busy! And one who says he’s spoken for, and another who says he has a girlfriend but…! Then another guy says his lunch is ready – hey dude, lunch can wait!!

Check out this article with a video by a woman talking about threesomes from her perspective, it’s from, and starts off with the obvious statement – that threesomes aren’t for everyone. Here’s an extract, it’s a good read, get through this without a hard on and you probably don’t want a threesome… Carry on reading the article here…

Older singles adore video dating sites

Dating Advice,

If you’re in your forties, fifties or even older, the arrival of free internet dating is like a blessing from heaven.

If you’re on the “other” side of 40, it can get harder to meet people – everyone you meet is already attached, or so it seems. That’s why dating websites are great for older singles – for a start, at least you know the person you’re talking to in the chat room is looking for love as well. And you have more choice, plus all the other numerous advantages of meeting someone through an online dating site.

Dan L. Wilson, an expert relationships guru writes, that older singles “will unquestionably be more incisive, perhaps less difficult and surely more representational. An older and wiser woman plausibly won’t anticipate her new male acquaintance to be a perfect angel and so will be more likely to put up with his (almost certain) flaws. Hopefully, an older man will be to a lesser extent likely to look for glamour although he’d probably still value good looks and a well tended to appearance. He will want respectable conversation, a sense of playfulness and witticism, and a personality that prevails over physical attraction as time goes by”.

The trend for 40-plus American singles – especially over the past three years – is to go online to search for love. As Margot, a 44-year-old publicity agent explains: “I work in a busy, people-focused field and meet a lot of men my age through my work – a lot of interesting men, but the ones I’m interested in are always taken. It was getting pretty lonely out there, and it had been almost a year since I had a proper date so I took the plunge and joined a dating website.

“My expectations were low when I went out to meet Conrad. He’s two years older than me, and we’ve both been through the whole divorce hell. I just didn’t want to get my hopes up, but six weeks later, I have to say I’m feeling pretty positive about where this is heading.”

Carlo, a 52-year-old restaurant manager, is also a fan of free random video chat apps. “I work six days a week in a physically demanding job. I’m on my feet all the time and when I get to my sole day off, I just want to sit around and do nothing and hang out with my dog. I only started looking at Allo Talk about six months ago, at the suggestion of a customer I had become friendly with – a very beautiful woman, but a beautiful MARRIED one! She said she’d met her husband online, and that internet dating was great, especially for people my age who have a hard time meeting other singles. “I took her advice, and now I have a beautiful woman of my own.”

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No need for pleasantries (apart from making sure that you go down on her regularly and make sure she comes first, always a good target to achieve and to secure an invitation to come back for more), you can go down to the pub with your mates, watch football all the time and still get laid – perfect. No pressure to have a baby (mind you, make sure you take the right precautions, don’t want a paternity suit on your hands!) and no hassle, commitment free sex…

Sex starved, bored, lonely housewives who need some TLC, who subscribe to the view “Let me get mine while you get yours“, while you can say “You ‘n’ Me Babe, How About It?”, I can’t think of a much better way of getting laid than that. Check out these beauties below in this amazing hookup dating platform, all grannies, to get you in the mood:

Ok, so sex with house wife – where to start?

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